ANSEC Front End Loaders - Ansec Loaders

955-II 16 Ton Front End Loader

16 Ton front end loader

Engine Weichai/Steyer WD 615 67G-28 Diesel Engine

  • Net Rated Power: 163 kW @ 2200 rpm
  • Net Rated Torque: 850Nm @ 1450 rpm

Transmission – Countershaft-type power shift

  • Max speed: 36km/h

Axles –

  • Braking: Dry Disc Brakes

Tipping Loads – Straight: 11 775 kg

  • Full Turn: 10 490 kg
  • Safe Tipping Load: 524.5kg

Bucket Capacity –

  • Heaped: 3.3m3
  • Struck: 2.7m3

Operating Weights –

  • Standard: 16 000kg

Tyres – 20.5 x 25 L3 24 Ply – Tubeless

Breakout Force – 14 500kg

939 10 Ton Front End Loader

10 Ton front end loader

Engine – Weichai/Deutz TD 226B-6G Diesel Engine

  • Net Rated Power: 92kW @ 2200 rpm
  • Net Rated Torque: 520 Nm @ 1450 rpm

Transmission – WEI-HUAN: Countershaft-type power shift

  • Max Speed: 36 km/h

Axles –

  • Braking: Dry Disk Brakes

Tipping Loads-

  • Straight: 8 684kg
  • Full Turn: 7360kg
  • Safe Tipping Load: 3680kg

Bucket Capacity –

  • Heaped: 2.0m3
  • Struck: 1.7m3

Operating Weights –

  • Standard: 9 700kg

Tyres – 17.5 x 25 L3 24 Ply Tubeless

Breakout Force: 9 700kg

Loader Specifications

With knowledge of the machines, service levels, skills and after sales service. And with regards to parts and support, we decided to import 2 models.

The 10 ton front end loader and 16 ton front end loader machines. The machines are simple to operate and to repair, but very reliable. A basic mechanic will be able to service and repair any of our machines. Our loaders are SABS approved and air conditioning is optional.

The 3m3 Loader is fitted with a Weichai WD 615 engine. As a result we have very satisfied customers due to the excellent diesel consumption of approximately 12 litres per hour. Certain truck models in South Africa are also equipped with this engine. The transmission is a winner! It consists of a working gear, a driving gear and a reverse gear. Just “KEEPING-IT-SIMPLE.”

No Electronics or Computers!

Our Factory in China

30 Years Experience & Delivery of 200 Units Per Month

30 Years experience in the manufacturing industry with a  capacity of 200 Units per month. Reliably available spare parts and excellent service

Our Factory in China have received many awards from the Chinese Government for outstanding products. As well as an award for Outstanding Export Product. Our machines are also approved by the Chinese Bureau of Standards, further vouching for the quality and reliability of the brand on a National and Global basis.